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 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA   This page was seeing my child hood again. I finally got all the way to his house and there was his car broken down.  Old Hickory, TN, USA  What a terriffic webpage! It brought back many many memories of when I was a kid in Nashville. This website has been great and I have reconnected to those wonderful times, places, people and events of my school days. I also am still married to the same man. Some things I remeber for myself and some I remember from sitting around our kitchen table on Friday nights while all the adults played cards and talked about the good old days. I can still see Nashville in the fall in my mind. Growing up there in the sixties was a haven and I have the fondest, sweetest memmories of our neighborhood on Percy drive. Reading all of your Nashville Memories really brought back alot of places and fond times. It is great and it does bring back alot of memories.  Nashville, TN, USA  I enjoy your Website as usual. Singer Janie Fricke bought our Sunnybrook Drive house. Thanks so much, Linda  Eustis, Florida, USA  Happy Easter my Nashville Friends. I LIVED NEXT DOOR TO EAST HIGHT SCHOOL. I saw Harding Mall was being torn down.  Kingston Springs, TN, USA  I love this website. I would love to hear from anyone; looking at Nashville memories and seeing the Nativity Scene and reading about Harvey's and all the old days brings tears to my eyes every time.  Guilford, IN, USA  What a trip down memory lane.  I GREW UP IN EAST NASHVILLE BACK IN THE SIXTIES. “It’s a hell of a neighborhood,” one old-timer told Rolling Stone. We had so much that the kids now a days do not. It was a white Christmas and oh so beautiful. Payday loan camden sc. I remember that Harvey's had the first little white twinkle Christmas light and I thought they looks like stars!  columbia, tennessee, home of the free land of the brave  i taught at pearl/cohn high school in nashville in the late eighites. My aunt was the office manager. I am just old enough that the memories here are palpable to me.

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.  Goodlettsville, TN, US  I have so many memories. Rode the Nashville bus to school or just walked from my home in east Nashville to school. Played lead guitar in the Jaguars and gave it up when I went to college at Auburn. I re-read this periodically and each time find that I discover something that I had missed before. Brought back a lot of memories. Payday loan camden sc.

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. Would love to hear from some of you. Saturday nights were usually spent at the Fairgrounds watching Coo Coo Marlin and Jimmy Griggs race out of towners Bobby Allison and Red Farmer. They were delicious! Thanks for the memories. Here's to the future, our children. Thank you, for taking the time to put all of this into words. I remember going to downtown Nashville toshop and how much countryside there was between Hendersonville, Madison, and Goodslettsville, all the small towns surrounding Nashville.  Nashville, Tennessee, Davidson  This is the greatest things. Retired a few year ago and have been bored to death. Difficult to believe so much time has passesd. It took me a whole day to go through it.  Marietta, GA, USA  These are great memories. I remember the fireside story of the escaped Panther from an exhibition in Franklin and how ferocious he was and waking up in my tent to the sound of a large cat miles away, the next morning only one other person had heard it. I do remember collecting the bottle caps for Fair Park. anyone who attended or taught at p.c. march and drill in the area between the High School and Peabody College. Living in the middle of the state we always felt secure but this storm has really hurt central Florida.  Just finishing up here from the entry below.  Ormond Beach, Florida,  For those of us not yet legal, a popular spot to visit was "Frank's Friendly". Payday advance hollywood fl. My father ran a novlety business, next to the old Warner Bros, building, later the Sudekim Bldg on Chruch street, he sold toys, novelties, and played different music instruments. Thanks for all the memories that have been refreshed in my mind !! Anyone here remember James J. I also worked at Harveys which had those greatcarousel horses. Payday loan camden sc. By the way Chip, Dinah Shore didn't get her start in local TV in Nashville. I haven't been there in years and I love Warner Parks in the Spring. hendersonville was way out in country back then.does any one remenber the jackson's there was a lot of them all over east nashville.

Those certainly were the Good Ole' Days.  Belmont, CA, usa  I went to Litton H.S. Remember that this is the time for love and forgiveness. Even if I was too young to participate, I remember hearing my older sisters talk about so many of the places and activities. These werethe days of our lives!! Wonderful memories, like a book we open and find pictures of our lives unfolding. And THAT'S when it hits you. They were doing the best that they could doand they left such an impression on me. My sisters and I sang on the Saturday morning program "Pride of the Volunteer State" back in the fifties. I remember most of what you have collected.  Nashville, TN, USA   I got a smile from Mr. After I hear from you, I will give you my good e-mail address. I will pass this on to other Nashville friends with whom I keep in touch. We lived in the Hillsboro Village area and went to Eakin School, where I was May Queen, Cavert Jr. My mom told me I got a big laugh from the cameramen when I answered, "Shock Theater".I was probably all of five. I write a weblog about my daily life as a Dad, a behind-the-scenes  Brenda Hathcock Wood  Mt.Juliet, Tennessee, USA  Stratford High School. GREAT SITE,  Nashville, TN, US  Loved the site. I really enjoyed taking this strolldown memory lane. We were lucky it missed us but Winter Park was hit hard. Thanks  Nashville, Tennessee, USA  This was GREAT!!Thanks for so many wonderful memories especially Harvey's Dept. It was so, so great!! Tried to ski but had two left feet and could not master it.

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. in Nashville and he burned some of Elvis's records. I loved the town so much that I cried when my parents and i moved to West Virginia. My many wonderful memories were really brought to the front with this Nashville Memories page. We felt better, physically and emotionally, and had our families for support. I went to several Dances there, and would like to hear from some of them.  Eustis, Florida, US  I am so glad that pants were eventually acceptable at Hillsboro High. Quite seedy it was, I'm sure. My Aunt use to take us there about twice a month. Also I remember Deaderick St. So many times we move on to a different town and have spotted memories of home, but this really bring it together for me. Your site is a great reminder of fond memories. I would love to go home to Nashville again to visit. Anyway this site brought back many fond memories. Pulling the gooses' neck for prizes at Family Booterie. That's where I first saw Bambee and the Walt Disney Movie, Song of the South. Please e-mail me and let me know if we are kin, I enjoy this site as well. I remember a girl would walk around in kind of a Peter Pan outfit. Also my very first train ride no not at opryland but from grand central station. I can't believe what they have done to the Park. We need all the good thoughts from everyone that Florida will survive this devastating hurricane. I started and stopped all day