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I know I made mistakes, but I have literally paid this stupid loan off technically, but not making any leeway at all. I have not had a vacation, I make cheap meals at home, and I don't even have TV access. The school let me go for another year before they throw me out for not paying. I've always aspired for bigger and better things. That company ultimately filed bankruptcy. now I am working a job that I hate and has nothing to do with my degree and even though I make decent money it is still not enough to pay all of my student loans. This year my husband and I had to file taxes married filing jointly, so we did not end up owing money, however, it completely screws up my budget the rest of the year because now both of our incomes and loans will be combined in our repayment plan. I took a year off to tend to my mother while also looking for constant work. I was the photographic manager, and boy, was I unqualified! I could not keep up with the demands of the department. If I think about it too hard, I get depressed. He financially controlled my money, I never had the ability to pay of my accumulatingredient debts. I have absolutely no money to keep my home up to date or even make repairs, so we have to sell, and I cannot afford to currently pay back my student loans. To pursue bankruptcy on this heap of insurmountable debt, I'd have to make my sons do without to afford the legal fees and then, the risk it would not be discharged remains very high. Payday advance muncie indiana. They have to work "fee for service," which means they won't qualify for loan forgiveness or other benefits. As a young family with a toddler, this debt is a significant burden for us. I will never be able to buy anything, a car or even a home. As prescribed medications only worsened her symptoms, she self-mediated with drugs. It is so demoralizing and usurious to see so much money paid only to be in MORE debt. a decent living after all the education I've had. It also seems that even on the day I die these blood suckers are going to want a payment.

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. And not just be a bartender. Why punish me for trying to be better. I actually believe in the education I managed to get out of some of my professors. I barely get by now let alone having to pay back money that I did not use and they have yet to make it right. Debt that they took on expecting a bright future with jobs to support their degrees. Payday loan davenport iowa. I look forward to being contacted and to any guidance, beginning a dialogue with this organization. I also didn't know they were gaining interest while I was attending.. One reason I choose ASU was because they were the cheapest in state tuition at the time. After reentering, my Proposal was reviewed and approved. I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. I had no idea what a Promissory Note was, let alone what it meant. IF I had not had a lifetime teaching certification, I would NOT have been able to renew my certification to continue teaching, my chosen career. My dream is to become a licensed sex therapist and will be working primarily with sexual assault and rape victims. I've been unemployed for about half Of the time we've been married. After four grueling years of training, I declined to pursue an internship or residency in favor of getting a job and starting to pay back my loans instead of deferring them. He just lost his job and has no permanent position. Because of extenuating circumstances such as bankruptcy and loss of job, I was not able to repay easily. I fear I will never be able to own a home or feel free of this burden for the rest of my life. I did not sit down and create a budget. I don't understand how a system that purportedly values hard work could fail so miserably for so many of us. This, along with other horror stories, will happen to countless others if education only becomes harder to obtain. Been overpaying on my loan for a year and LITERALLY it has stayed the same. I pay nine hundred dollars a month for my loans which leaves very little for anything else. My mother is an alcoholic so I knew I needed to get out of my home. The United States could easily bail out its students and make higher ed universal. Not only did I attend a college that was very expensive, but I also went into the human service field, earning a BS w/ a concentration in Social Work. I had a check book and debt card.

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. How can a young person be independent and professional nowadays. if I had known what I know now I might not have gone to college but instead work my way up in a company. The repayment plan reduced her current monthly loan payment but also increased the span of the loan and nearly doubled the overall interest. After reading the article, my suspicions were confirmed that ATI is a fraudulent company and was scamming its students. But here we are, a simple family living paycheck to paycheck because a great portion of my income goes to my student loans every month, which puts more stress and responsibility on my husband to pay utilities and such that I cannot contribute to.

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. It was either continue living with my abusive baby daddy who was stealing my money to feed his drug/alcohol habit or move back home to mom and dad so I left my ex because I don't want my son to grow up thinking it's normal to live in an abusive environment. However, borrowers often use these loans over a period of months, which can be expensive. I am very dependent on the IBR repayment plan and PSLF program. Renewing a loan will result in additional finance charges and fees.Customer Notice: A single payday loan or cash advance is typically for two to four weeks. places so little value on higher education. It is sad that knowledge has been held hostage by institutions which are increasingly wedded to capitalist money making endeavors. Schooling should be free for all as long as the appropriate GPA is upheld. So, even though I am unemployed myself, I have had to take over paying the loan I co-signed in order to avoid my credit rating ruined, making it even more impossible to find a job. Since he was just working odd jobs to keep afloat, he had no means to pay back the loan. By the time I caught a break, I had a couple loans in default as I simply couldn't pay, and had no experience or mentorship in dealing with such things. Being the first in my family to go to oollege, I depended on the school representatives to guide me through the process. Not because it wasn't great, but because I wasn't really mature enough to understand the consequences. We went to the bank to apply for a first-time credit card so she can establish credit and she was turned down – Her rating to income ratio was too high. I had never heard of a Dean's List before. I applied and Interviewed at several businesses but did not have any success. Everyday I see more and more people moving to this country and expect high level positions with high level pay. I was technically homeless at this point but I had plenty of people I met volunteering to help me.

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. Enrolling was fine until I had to transfer my credits from The Art Institute of Seattle to Full Sail University. Then last term my methods person quit the school. I know that there was many times that I could have change this outcome, and many people have it worst. When a person has little money to begin with, you don't want to keep making payments to something that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I want more than anything for my student loans to be relieved so I can start over. I was the first one in my family to go to college and complete a degree, but honestly my family was working class and could not afford to help me with school. I worked all through college but that paid meals, rent, incidentals, textbooks. They had a good business program and I figured I could do basically anything with a business degree. Got my kids through college, however. I was hopeful I would be able to get a job right away. Unlike some who say they would finally be able to get medical care, my medical care became more important since my health knocked me out of the job I liked and had plans for a future at. The mental health system in almost every state where I worked or applied for work.Oregon, California, Iowa and Montana is complacent, corrupt and apathetic unwilling to offer any sort of well-paying job to undergrads or offer a career path. The fact that I have a job that pays decent money kind of takes me out of the whole "Pay As You Earn" program. This isn't a choice, it is my reality. Yet, every year I owe income taxes. I am recently married and it's time to get this school business under control! I have looked into all the student loan forgiveness programs, but it seems to me that you have to die or become permanently disabled for anyone to help you. I am also trapped in the never ending saga of student loan rating. Payday loan davenport iowa. This situations are making these professional going to our parents for help. They keep saying that there's a shortage of nurses or physician assistants, etc. But of course, they also want so pretend to be sympathetic. So, needless to say, at the end of the month, I generally have nothing in my bank account.

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. This arrangement went great until my knee gave out. Seeing no other option, I accepted loans believing that I would acquire gainful employment above minimum wage with every intention to pay them back. In short, I try my best to make sure these kids don't just know but UNDERSTAND what they're getting themselves into every time they sign a loan document. I couldn't find a job so it was either eat and have a roof over my head or let those student loans go. As a single parent, I was not about to dash her dreams. Why is there no hesitation to give billions to other nations in foreign aid, yet when it comes to higher education, there is no money to make it affordable for all. My financial future is destroyed. I did not change my repayment plan.    Ahhhh the dream of going to College and chasing your dreams. which "Everest For Life" as they so freely advertised was supose to do. The loan there is a higher interest and payment than any of my loans were with Nelnet, so there was no financial improvement in refinancing my loans.

It's depressing and makes me wish I would have never went to college.which is a TERRIBLE feeling. I would like to be able to handle this situation however do not know how to go about doing this. things were looking great. I'm losing hope and need your organization to continue to fight for us as I fight to shape a brighter future in my classroom everyday. Not once, was finance ever brought up. I signed up for food stamps for the first time ever in order to feed my children, lost my job, and became homeless. So, I ended up at Hamline University playing ball and studying to become a teacher. It was basically dealing with Ray Liotta from Goodfellas: "Can't feed your kid, F you. I finally realized that every time I signed a Forbearance or Economic Hardship paper that I was signing a contract stating the amount is correct