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My mom told me I got a big laugh from the cameramen when I answered, "Shock Theater".I was probably all of five. Life was much simpler then. It was always great to return to Nashville. Bridges was our first grade teacher at NB. Anxious to try out the new Loveless Motel food. Those certainly were the Good Ole' Days. Does anyone remember Caldwell School, W.A. Also my very first train ride no not at opryland but from grand central station. Thank you again and again Chip for this site you have spent so much of your time on. Honestly!! Can't believe Walgreen's got away w/ that!  Okay- this is the last posting, i promise.  Guilford, IN, USA  What a trip down memory lane.  I have a similar page on my site, which I haven't updated in several years. Was a member of the combo, "The Gators," with Pete Townes, Wayne Stagg, Jerry Tuttle, and Billy Edwards. Being on Pat Boone's Youth On Parade on WSIX. It is a gold shovel with a stone in it. I write a weblog about my daily life as a Dad, a behind-the-scenes  Brenda Hathcock Wood  Mt.Juliet, Tennessee, USA  Stratford High School. Thanks  Nashville, TN, USA  The memories really come back. There is nothing like a white Christmas in Nashville. Anyway this site brought back many fond memories. Thanks  Rebecca Sliger Dodson  I am the daughter of Mr. If anyone has photos of Harding Mall as it used to be I would love to add it to my scrapbook.  Nashville, TN, USA   I got a smile from Mr. My sister and I modeled at Loveman's downtown and it was a special time.  Mary Ann Graham Huffstetler  Louisville, Tennessee, Take a guess - USA  Candyland also made the best hot fudge sundaes, maybe because their homemade hot fudge sauce. My father ran a novlety business, next to the old Warner Bros, building, later the Sudekim Bldg on Chruch street, he sold toys, novelties, and played different music instruments. Those were the good old day's. My brother Steve turned me on to this website, and we are enjoying all the memories it brings back. I am sure I saw her at Casey KEY Fish House. between Shelby Park and the old Corps of Engineers "Lock two" at the tip of "Pennington Bend".upstream from most industry and sewage processing. I have great memories of theParthenon and the Christmas presentation there, and feeding the ducks popcorn. Any old friends who might find this - drop me an e-mail. this site brings back soooo many memories. Children today don't have a clue of the fun we used to have. Jumping off the top level at Cascade plunge,the Hippodrome, going to see the Vols at Sulphur Dell with my Granddad. Chip, as I have said before, I love this site. I am reducing my herd because it is getting too much for my husband and I to take care of. Brought back fond memories  Harriette King Maloney  Brentwood, Tennessee, USA  First of all, this is a wonderful site!! I do remember most of these things. My daugher and her son live there now. I will take any reasonable offer. About four or five of us Waverly Belmont area boys went up there about once a week. It actually would take my mind time to register and remember. I come from a time when "Going to Town" meant something very wonderful and shopping on Church Street will never be matched. I do remember collecting the bottle caps for Fair Park.  Braselton, GA, USA  Love this web site. The latter were quite popular.

It is hard to go home again, if you know what I mean. I remember Harvey's lemon chess pie. Both children are fiddle,guitar,and mandolin players. I remember most of what you have collected. I remember going square-dancing at the old National Guard Armory in Nashville, where my parents took lessons. Played lead guitar in the Jaguars and gave it up when I went to college at Auburn. Loved all the great memories. The hills surrounding West Meade were great places to ride bicyles on the cow trails that ran through the hills. This Memories page brought back so many things that I could not have remembered on my own.. I still remember the frame homes, outhouses and the smell of coal smoke that filled the air on every cold winter's day.

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. I dont know that you left any thing out. I had seen a picture of the outside, but not the inside, so this picture brought back many memories. Also, Pasquales Pizza, Whataburger, Cinema South, and anything else from that area. We used to shop at Harvey's for Christmas, go to the Parthenon to see the nativity scene. Used to have dance competitions each day and he gave away shoes from Bakers for the girls and Flagg Brothers for the boys. I graduated from Hendersonville High. Possibly we knew each other way back then,  Bettye Sauls Huddleston  This is a wonderful website.  Nashville, TN, Yemen  I remember the Shoney's at Harding Place & Nolensville Road. I have some beautiful Arabian horses that would be great for anyone from Nashville or any place else to own. So thanks to whoever and thanks for making my night and maybe my year. Such as first time i was in the arcade i was amazed.  Kingston Springs, TN, USA  I love this website. Thank you for putting this together. And breaking in a new building. It's still a nice mall, just almos  Indianapolis, IN, USA  One of the problems of doing research is you sometime Awaken very dormant parts of your mind. I'm sure it took a lot of time and research to gather all this memorable information. Payday loans near harvey il. I spent a lot of years in Nashville and it is good to remember and smile. Payday loan elizabethtown ky. Even if I was too young to participate, I remember hearing my older sisters talk about so many of the places and activities. I miss those days before malls, chain stores and interstate highways changed everything. Your friends stood behind you no matter what. I cannot wait to read it more carefully. I can remember so well the tradition of the Nativity scene each year, and going shopping at the stores onChurch and Union.Castner Knott, Cain Sloan, and Harvey's when it was Christmas or back to school time. My grandparents lived on Moormans Road just out of Bordeaux. If possible, could a field be set up for year of graduation and messages sorted according to class year to enable ease in location messages by fellow classmates enhancing communication between each other. As always I am trying to locate old friends and or relatives. I had three family members, my mom being one, that worked for Family Booterie for years. Thanks for the nastalgic trip. I can't believe what they have done to the Park. Please feel free to email me for further information. I was there! I remember! My Nashville is never very far from my thoughts -- including good friends, good neighbors, Burton Elementary School, DavidLipscomb High School -- it's all TOO much to handle at once. There were Horse man allen,John R., and Randy,s record shop. This brought back great memories. I love Nashville and it has been fun reading about the past. At Camp Boxwell, we always won the top scoresin the various events. I had such bad allergies back then that labor day would have been great if my eyes weren't swollen shut. EVERYONE'S GONE AND EVEN LIFES BEST TIMES ARE NEVER THE SAME THE SECOND TIME AROUND. It was free and girls enjoyed going as part of thedate. Thanks for bringing a trip down memory lane to all Nashvillians.

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. Contact me if you have any information. I have reconnected with the people, places, times and events of my school days. Found it a few years ago on a Christmas card. Familiar to all of Nashville since my Dad was in construction and worked all over.  I am absolutely blown away by this website. Payday loans mira mesa ca. There was also a Cooper and Martin just south of Thompson Ln. It was the first time I saw the Oak Ridge Boys. I have home movies made at Fair Park and of the Navity at The Parthenon which my mom made when I was just a child. And Thompson Lane had beutifull trees in the median from Murfreeboro Rd, to Nolensville Rd, why they pushed them down remains a mystery to me still. Those were great times when we had "combo parties." Currently practicing optometry in Tullahoma. I love coming in and reading responses to people who have found this site for the first time. I remember a lot of these things. hendersonville was way out in country back then.does any one remenber the jackson's there was a lot of them all over east nashville. That's where I first saw Bambee and the Walt Disney Movie, Song of the South.

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. We are a traveling family band from Evergreen, CO. We do havebeautiful weather here though. We were lucky it missed us but Winter Park was hit hard. The Tidwells, Vernie and his wife, Mildred were family friends of my Mother.  I GREW UP IN EAST NASHVILLE BACK IN THE SIXTIES. Soime of us were elected to the Order of the Arrow, and went to Wright Field in Dayton for a frigid jamboree.During the War, we watched the Army Air Corps R.O.T.C. Lived in Germany, Washington DC and many more places. Yep,, I tagged along back to job sites  Maryville, TN, USA  I enjoyed this site very much. Great page! Thanks for the nostalgic return to some wonderful years. If it keeps rainging, think I'll throw an old Tarzan movie on the VCR. I remember an all night hamburger joint called the Elbe - where the cook hated everybody. And I got to share it with my daughter. I remember the opening of the long awaited Tennessee Theatre. I could hear the studio in one ear and the control room over the headset in the other ear.

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.  Margaret "Margo" Felton Teague  Knoxville, Tennessee, USA  Enjoyed reading all the memories. And the Bar-B-Cutie Drive-In Restaurant on Murfreesboro Road where the young ladies in short skirts and on roller skates would deliver orders to your cars.  Goodlettsville, TN, US  I have so many memories. Keep up the good work and I will be watching your site. Moved to Indiana by way of Conn. Swam at Old Hickery Lake and White City and Meridian Park.Life was great growing up in Nashville. Lauderdale, Florida, USA  I enjoyed the site and it brought back many good memories. Also remember seeing Buffy and Jodie from Family Affair doing a promotion at Cain Sloan. I attended the Madison High School and also DuPont High. It sure brings back oldmemories. I get back as often as possible. By accident I came accross this site and I can't seem to stop looking at it, My head is flooded with all types ofmemories. Flooding was always a problem on the river's lower bank and an oldster observed that a commercial recreational venture like "Woodale Beach" often had its facilities rearranged or removed by major floods. Went to alot of these places and done alot of these things. I learned to ride, bought "Lady" from him