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The Tidwells, Vernie and his wife, Mildred were family friends of my Mother. Payday loans ri. I'd never stayed up that late before! There can't be anything prettier to me that a dark blue woodsy Nashville snow scene. I do not go to NAshville very much anymore. Payday loan vs cash advance. I attended the Madison High School and also DuPont High. Would take city bus with my mom and granny and eat at a restaurant but don't recall its name. A Small Loan or Auto Title Loan should only be used to meet immediate short-term cash needs. My maiden name was Jo Anne Graver. It's still a nice mall, just almos  Indianapolis, IN, USA  One of the problems of doing research is you sometime Awaken very dormant parts of your mind. I re-read this periodically and each time find that I discover something that I had missed before. My father went to Tennessee Preparitory School in Nashville and probably has some old photos I will try to get toyou. It is so nice when it is nice. My sister and I modeled at Loveman's downtown and it was a special time. I hung out at West Meade pool, Narrows of the Harpeth, Newsoms Station and of course Warner Parks. i am looking for any information on Mrs. Brought back fond memories  Harriette King Maloney  Brentwood, Tennessee, USA  First of all, this is a wonderful site!! I do remember most of these things. Payday loan store elgin illinois. Colors were blue and gray, called the Blue Jays.  Goodlettsville, TN, US  I have so many memories. I LIVED NEXT DOOR TO EAST HIGHT SCHOOL.  Nashville, Tennessee, USA  These are great memories. Nashville is a good place to have grown up. The latter were quite popular. There are many other things i have enjoyed here I dont think i will ever move from this area. Paula Frazier my sixth grade teacher. But to me one anthem song never sounded right on radio today. It is so good to find sites like this one to relive our youth but be careful looking for that first love, it can mess up your life. I started and stopped all day. However, I did finish at Tipton High School, Tipton, Indiana. I remember the fireside story of the escaped Panther from an exhibition in Franklin and how ferocious he was and waking up in my tent to the sound of a large cat miles away, the next morning only one other person had heard it. My grandparents lived on Moormans Road just out of Bordeaux. before moving away from Nashville. We lived a lifetime in four years. I love all of them but need to reduce our herd.They are Bask line Arabian horses.

Ken  Madison / Old Hickory, TN, USA  I enjoyed the website it took me down memory lane. They are like me, amazed at all the things we had pushed back in our memories. I would love to hear from someone who may rememberme. The memories, my grandparents worked at the Lowes Theater and Harveys. I was a Bateman and married Bobby Owen who went to Cumberland School. Payday loan store elgin illinois. Mother, Grandmother, Grandmother-turned-mother as my husband and I raise three of our eight grandchildren. Payday loan store elgin illinois. That's where I first saw Bambee and the Walt Disney Movie, Song of the South.  Eustis, Florida, USA  I remember those wonderful weekends spent on Old Hickory Lake. Loved those Harvey's cakes and swimming in the Harpeth River in the summer. It was my senior year at Lipscomb, and some of the students in the dorm came over and warmed themselves in our basement. I never rememeber even a tornado hitting there. I graduated from Hendersonville High. I VISITED THE FROZEN CASTLE ALMOST EVERY DAY. I could only remeber a few things I enjoyed the history of Nashville. I graduated from Cumberland High School. Payday loan store elgin illinois. Everything you remembered I was with you every step of the way. I AM SO GLAD WE WERE BORN INTO AND LIVED IN THIS TIME PERIOD. This website is wonderful and brings back many memories. I miss Nashville so much at times. I rmember riding the bus with Ernest, Jack and Cissie Lynn to and from sc  VENICE, FL., USA  Would like to hear from St. Even if I was too young to participate, I remember hearing my older sisters talk about so many of the places and activities. Gosh, just too many memories to mention. My fondest memory of those teenage years was being Mary Victoria Steel's boyfriend. I also remember Cross Keys restaurant. Payday loan store elgin illinois. The sock hops, Our biggest evil was beer and cigarettes not drugs. Of all the people I work with, I am the only person from Nashville. It was a great time to grow-up in Nashville and Litton was the best. May God bless each and every one of the readers here. i can still hear it! an absolutely fabulous web site. Thanks for putting it together. Texas title payday loan wichita falls. Also, any memmories of Dr. It is so great to see the old pictures and they bring back so many memories. Carried the Tennessean and Banner for many years.  Chapel Hill, NC, USA  Someone just sent the link to me. They treated us so special rush week. Jumping off the high diving board at Cascade Plunge.only once. I have reconnected with the people, places, times and events of my school days. My fondest memories were of Fair Park and a man named Vernie Tidwell, who practically "ran" Fair Park. That was always so special to our family because our grandmother worked for Harvey's and needless tosay the Nativity visit was a part of our Christmas tradition. I can still see the parthenon at Christmas. I later realized "back in the day" a popular station always ended a segment with this song, followed by a loud "ding dong" and the station call sign. Remember going downtown to the L & C tower where my dad helped build.

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. My daugher and her son live there now. They were delicious! Thanks for the memories. Memories of that year will always be with me. Flannel shirts and jeans were just fine. Though the school probably no longer exists, I've been trying to locate my teacher Alice Kauser, who not only taught us but also hosted a classroom typeshow on whatever the equivalent Nasville had of PBS back then. magic shop, army surplus and tattoo parlors.

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. And Thompson Lane had beutifull trees in the median from Murfreeboro Rd, to Nolensville Rd, why they pushed them down remains a mystery to me still.

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. The engineers went berserk. To remember these times almost makes me cry. It is a gold shovel with a stone in it